Saturday, April 23, 2016

The EU debate should be about sovereignty, not economics

By all accounts, or at least the rather fanciful accounts of the Remain side in the referendum debate, leaving the EU is akin to a Serbian nationalist shooting dead an ostentatiously dressed, feather-hatted Austrian Archduke and his missus.

Each family’s going to be four grand worse off, we’ll become increasingly vulnerable to terrorist attack and, as trade barriers go up and we cease to sell as much as a block of Cheddar to our continental neighbours, we’ll plunge into the economic abyss and, wait for it, this is the best bit, drag the entire world with us – despite being so weak and insignificant that we need to sacrifice our democratic freedoms to an authoritarian, corrupt monster in a desperate bid to gain some clout in the world and earn ourselves a few bob. I’m just waiting for George Osborne to repeat Edward Grey’s famous, portentous lament on the eve of the Great War that, should we leave, ‘The lamps are going out all over Europe…’ Are we, the great British public, really expected to believe this scare-mongering tosh? Surely not.

These are the claims of desperate propagandists with a dearth of material to work with. The Soviets were more convincing when celebrating illusory increases in tractor production.

Forget the fact that we managed perfectly well for centuries before joining the EU, not to mention the economic success of countries that are not shackled to a supranational, freedom-sapping pretend-state. The real issue here is one of sovereignty. We have lost it; we want it back. End of. Talk to the hand…

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