Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cameron's been out-Machiavellied by Boris. Now he knows how it feels to be duped

Apparently, according to the Prime minister on Sunday’s Andrew Marr show, ‘real’ sovereignty is the ability of a government to get things done, and we can't 'get things done' without the EU. It’s not a nation as determined by the will of its people having the power to govern in accordance with that will and crucially, without interference. No. It’s simply the ability to ‘get things done’. Parliamentary democracy gives us the ‘illusion of sovereignty’, he argued, trying to keep a straight face, I’m sure. But without the power to ‘get things done’ - without the EU, in other words - it’s just a chimera.

So there you have it: sovereignty has been redefined. It’s now the ability of extraneous, supranational forces to enact change on our behalf. The underlying assumption being that changes enacted are wanted by the so-called sovereign nation state.

The dexterous sophistry of our highest representative is truly a sight to behold. For one moment, let’s stop and consider the substance of this breathtakingly arrogant contention. If the EU enhances our sovereignty by giving us the power to do things - things that, according to our prime minister, we want to do but can't - it must be doing them in accordance with the democratically determined will of the people. But it doesn’t, Prime Minister, does it? In most areas, most notably immigration, it rides roughshod over the wishes of its constituent members and governs in a way that runs contrary to the wishes of their respective populations.

It may get things done – in other words, wield power. But it does it, more often than not - and, in particular, in areas of enormous national significance - against the wishes of each member state’s citizens. So, Mr Cameron, in your sly, underhand effort to bamboozle the British people you unwittingly gave the game away. If sovereignty is the ability to ‘get things done’, we gave it away to the European Union a long time ago. For it and it alone has the power to effect change and with it, override the will of the people as expressed through parliament. What a tangled web we weave…

When one considers this crafty sleight of hand, this Squealer-like compulsion to redefine words and deny reality, one can only rejoice at the thought of Boris’ dagger plunging into his back – metaphorically speaking, of course. He’s been out-Machiavellied. Now he knows how we feel.

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