Tuesday, June 23, 2015

In many schools, racism has become acceptable

Several years ago, an Asian colleague left my school unexpectedly. In the weeks that preceded his mysterious disappearance, he was subjected to appalling levels of racial abuse at the hands of some intensely unpleasant pupils. Whether he left of his own volition is a moot point. Predictably, though, the Senior Leadership Team offered little support and protected his tormentors - as a result, they said, of their 'challenging' home lives. In other words, they were permitted to spit racial vitriol because, according to our head, courtesy of their socioeconomic circumstances, they couldn't help it.

An interesting clash of left-wing causes has thus come to pass - one ultimately superseding the other. Indeed, anti-racism has been sacrificed at the high altar of moral relativism. We must apparently accept the casual dispensation of racial abuse, as long as it's conducted by those who don't know any better.

The same confused thinking has led to the tacit acceptance of - even complicity in - some truly shocking practices which beset some of our communities across the country, from Female Genital Mutilation and homophobic attacks to honour killings and the subjugation of women. Where are the outraged feminists and LGBT activists decrying and challenging these odious, backward practices? They're too busy hounding UCL Nobel prize-winning professors out of their jobs, I suspect. They're predominantly male, middle class and should know better, after all.

Relativism trumps everything in twenty-first century Britain. It also leads to misery, injustice and increased levels of inequality. Just ask my former colleague.