Thursday, April 2, 2015

Father, forgive the jihadists, for they know not what they do

Okay, perhaps the headline's a little sacrilegious, even extreme, but with Easter weekend fast approaching, it seemed a remarkably apposite way to describe the all too predictable responses of two London Head teachers when confronted with the revelations that several of their pupils were considering an odyssey to Syria in the perverse hope of becoming sex slaves to a bunch of grubby, bearded, masturbating and, I suspect, incredibly smelly jihadi mentalists.

According to yesterday's Times, on hearing the parents' fears, both Head teachers were reluctant to inform police lest the would-be concubines found themselves criminalised. Bless 'em! Not one thought was given to the wider population of the school, or that of the country at large. These adolescents have obviously been seduced by a malign, fascistic ideology that abhors western society and, in particular, British, yes British, values. They are potentially an existential threat to us all, including the peace-loving majority within the Muslim community. So why not notify the police and allow them to investigate?

The simple truth is that these Head teachers, and many Heads in general, have embraced non-judgementalism and with it, a strange inversion of utilitarian principles whereby the narrow, self-centred, short term interests of the recalcitrant minority override those of the law-abiding, rule-following majority. This, in general, leads to the appeasement of poor behaviour - a relatively recent phenomenon that destroys the education thus life chances of the majority - and, in this case, the appeasement of terroristic activities that threaten our very existence.

When are we going to wake up to the moral vacuum created by these deranged fools and sack the lot of 'em?!

And before you ask, no, I don't believe in the abdication of responsibility that Jesus' famous words imply. They do know what they're doing and, once more, they must be stopped.

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