Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Teachers unwilling to promote British values should leave the profession

If Robin Bevan isn't an advert for everything that's wrong with the teaching profession, I don't know what is. On Monday, at the ATL's annual conference in Liverpool, this unconscionable nitwit who, alas, just so happens to be a headteacher responsible for the education of over a thousand unfortunate children in Southend, Essex, showered the Government's call for teachers to promote British values with contemptuous opprobrium and urged passive resistance instead.

So let's get this straight: according to this half-witted, imbecilic numpty, teachers shouldn't be promoting British values in British schools. We shouldn't be robustly, proudly proclaiming the superiority of Anglospheric parliamentary traditions and the ancient institutions which guarantee them - including, dare I say it, horror of horrors, the Anglican Church; we shouldn't be championing the rights of individuals to free speech, habeas corpus, religious and political association and expression; nor should we vociferously defend the rights of women and minority groups to enjoy the same freedoms as the rest of us. The aggregation of these values, apparently, according to 'anti-British Bullshit' Bevan, is no better or worse than those of other systems which abhor such niceties.

These presumably include, inter alia, oriental despotisms, societies that advocate female genital mutilation, Communist countries such as the lovely, human rights loving North Korea and, of course, both Islamism and Nazism. According to Bevan, how dare we, as teachers, be encouraged to promote our values over these wonderful alternatives.

What a twat! Bevan, do us all a favour and quit before you do any more damage to the lives of our children.

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