Saturday, February 7, 2015

Is exposing children to the intricacies of transgenderism integral to the promotion of British values?

How predictable! The state's response to the Trojan Horse scandal, a scandal in which Islamists were caught infiltrating and attempting to Islamize Britain's schools, is to persecute Christian ones.

According to Ofsted, two Christian schools in Sunderland are not preparing their pupils for life in modern Britain because, wait for it, they are not sufficiently encouraging their young charges to explore the hidden wonders of lesbianism, transgenderism and, of course, dare I forget, moderate, peace-loving Islam.

Are we losing our minds? Just for one moment, let's ignore the state's tacit rejection - through its malignant quangocracy - of our Judeo-Christian cultural provenance and with it, its determination to redefine, on our collective behalf, British values; these were good schools. 

They were also embracing British values as understood by the vast majority of the population. Coercing schools into promoting transgenderism, homosexuality and Islamic cultural particularism is not the same as cultivating an ethos that encourages the toleration of difference. Tolerance is something altogether more complex, and it doesn't necessarily act as a corollary to exposure. 

In fact, forced exposure could be counterproductive. It could indeed foster resentment and animosity towards the minority groups and lifestyles being promoted. 

This, however, I suspect, is of secondary importance to the overbearing, paternalistic quangocrats looking to penalise Christian schools. They are much more concerned, after all, with purging any last vestiges of Christianity from our collective conception of Britishness. Thus, they won't be happy until denominational schools are expunged and, if we're being honest, the pretext created by the Trojan Horse scandal gives them the perfect excuse to begin a veiled assault. 

In their tiny, culturally Marxist minds, Britishness, as we understand it - a cultural product of our religious heritage, among other things - is aggressive, imperialistic and evil. It needs to be remade and, of course, something can only be remade if, at first, it's destroyed.

That's why - despite the government's claims to the contrary and, one must concede, its best efforts to control Ofsted and every other rogue, far left, state-funded body - Islamic schools, even Islamism, are to be encouraged. Let's not forget, they help the anti-British individuals who populate the state's labyrinthine bureaucracy realise their utopian, delusional dreams, dreams that naively envisage a new pacifistic, non-judgemental (unless, of course, you happen to be Christian), multicultural paradise on the shores of our windswept archipelago. How they envisage the pacifistic bit, though, whilst giving state-backing to Wahhabism and repudiating the emollient message of Christ the Redeemer is anyone's guess.

The problem is - as demonstrated by the parents vociferously protesting Ofsted's judgments - that the British population, in the main, rather like, even love, their country as it is, notwithstanding the unalterable changes already wrought by the taxpayer-funded parasites denounced above. They covet Christian schools, as evinced by their perennial propensity to be over-subscribed; they also want to live in peace and harmony, side by side with people of colour, people of the Quran and people of diverse sexual orientations. They just don't want these differences forcibly shoved down their throats at every given opportunity.

They would, most importantly, like to see a school inspectorate make judgments according to the standard of education provided, and, as a small extra, make sure that our kids aren't being groomed into suicide bombers, too. That's all.

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