Saturday, March 1, 2014

Three years on, one is reminded of the Left's woeful response to the Summer Riots of 2011

Three years on, one is reminded of the Left's woeful response to the Summer Riots of 2011. Led by the then Archbishop of Canterbury - who provocatively, yet predictably, decided to alienate his dwindling flock (again!) -, the Leftist intelligentsia claimed that the riots were not the fault of the rioters, but the law-abiding majority. That's right: according to the ‘erudite’ Archbishop and his comrades, forever viewing the world through an atavistic prism constructed by Karl Marx, we are letting down our youngsters, and this neglect, one can only conclude, led many of them to rob, vandalise and destroy in a fit of enraged desperation. Does this sound like a fair analysis? I have my doubts.

If we are guilty of anything, it is for being idle spectators as opinion-formers like Williams perversely blame us for society’s ills. Over the last twenty years we have allowed him, and his ilk, to shamelessly make excuses for recidivists and wrong-doers. In future, we need to treat his circumlocutions, and those of his ideological bedfellows, with the contempt they deserve and force criminals to accept responsibility for their crimes again. So let’s begin to repent; and let’s start by calling a spade a spade: the summer disturbances of 2011 were not riots; they were mass lootings, nothing more.

They were not caused by the police, as the Guardian would have us believe, but by youngsters infected with a pernicious culture of excuses that has, hitherto, absolved them of any wrong-doing – a regrettable trend exemplified by the Left’s disgraceful response. This culture has led to confusion and widespread fecklessness starkly demonstrated by the events of that fateful summer. That’s right: the Left caused it; now it looks to shift the blame by repeating the same banal refrain: it wasn’t their fault; you selfish capitalists are to blame!

As a teacher, the events of August 2011 came as no surprise. In the classroom we’ve been witnessing similar scenes for ten years; and we’ve also spent that time listening to excuse-makers like Rowan Williams blame us: it’s never the child’s fault, they declare, it’s your boring lessons. The tragedy is that as their behaviour goes unchallenged, these youngsters grow up without knowing the difference between right and wrong. They have been disempowered and cruelly stripped of the ability to take responsibility.

Leftists, the real power brokers in today’s Britain, have bullied adults into forfeiting their traditional role as guardians and transmitters of morality. We no longer police the behaviour of youngsters because that would be too judgemental. Wedded to relativism - a theory rabidly supported by the former Archbishop - these social liberals have emasculated adults and sewn moral confusion into the souls of our children. The result is a slow march towards collective suicide as irresponsibility festers, permeates and ultimately undermines the contract that welds society’s disparate elements together. And what is the Left’s response? More of the same. Three years on, we mustn’t let them off the hook!

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